What do roads represent for you? What kind of associations do they bring? What are the roads you are walking on? With whose roads do yours cross? Do you encounter obstacles on your road? Do you think about the roads walked by others?

While we think of roads in symbolical ways – roads to happiness, success, dreams, or some other roads, with heavy feet and heavy minds hundreds of thousands of people walk. These people are invisible on maps, paths that they take we call illegal. We call them illegal. They are walking on the paths that are not open and where instead of the horizon, walls and barbwires await them. Their roads are roads of hope and unimaginable loss.

There is around 7000 refugees and migrants in Serbia at the moment escaping war, violence and repressive regimes. They are on their way, on uncertain roads, to some more certain tomorrow. These people are at the moment in refugee camps, illegal shelters, forests, in front of borders. Their roads do not finish here – they are here because they are not allowed to move further. Still, this is the time and place where our paths cross with theirs. They are not here by their own choice, but this is where we have a choice and a responsibility, to untangle the crossroad where we meet with roads of humanity. There is no low or government that can make solidarity illegal.

Volunteers Centre of Vojvodina will on the 5th of December, the International Volunteer day, organize a photography exhibition “Roads“. The exhibition will be set up at “Gerila bar” in Novi Sad and open for visitors from 18h to 23h. All the funds collected from the sails of photographs will be used to support the work of volunteers on the territory of Subotica. These volunteers are on daily basis helping the refugees from Middle East to cross this part of their road with some dignity.

We are inviting photographers from all over, to donate their photographs on the topic of “Roads” and in that way support the action. Photographs can be sent to and one author can send more than one photograph.

In the email please write: first and last name of the author, place of residence, name of the photograph (if it exists), the date it was taken on and a short description.

Because of the budget limitation the number of photographs we are able to print is 30, so the call will be closed once we collect the first 30 photos. Each photo will be printed only once.

 For all the questions you might have, you can write us on the above mentioned email address.

We are grateful for your solidarity,

On behalf of Volunteers Centre of Vojvodina

Milica Milović Kinoli